Domaine de Mazieras

Since 1999, Roelf and Dora have been the proud owners of the Domaine de Maziéras.

Situated in the Dordogne in the valley of the river Crempse near the village Issac (24400). This is a 100-hectare domain with forests, arable farming and grassland, poplar plantations and chestnut and walnut orchards.

After the start we started with the long term rental of two existing houses and invested in the construction of a tennis court and a swimming pool. This was realised for attracting holiday guests who can find accommodation in holiday home Le Chasseur and gîte La Tour.

In early centuries (the first report about the existence of Maziéras dates back to the 13th century!) the Domaine was connected to the castle Montreal to which it apparently supplied soldiers. In our region the French - English wars raged for decades, which eventually ended with Jeanne d'ARC (by the way, the French also ended her!) talking about gratitude…

The vast estate is intensively cultivated. Maziéras has about seven hectares of orchards. Chestnuts and walnuts are harvested and sold. Wheat, sunflowers and corn are alternately sown and harvested in the fields. The forest is exploited by timely felling of sufficiently grown wood stands and pickets are removed from the forest for making their own fences.

Maziéras offers all facilities for the ideal holiday. Long walks or bike rides on the vast estate and in the area, playing tennis or basketball, lazing endlessly by the pool or spotting game. In the evening twilight deer and other game walk to the river la Crempse to quench their thirst. Don't forget to take a look at the badger castle in use, only 150 metres from the manor.

Welcome to Maziéras, where you can have a holiday to remember.